Generation: Gamerz Play Warhammer With A 360 Controller?

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Have you ever given a though to playing pc games with a Xbox 360 controller?  Ok, but have you even thought you could play Warhammer with one?

No? Neither did I.  You can now, though, with the help of an application called Switchblade.  SwitchBlade has been around for a little bit, helping PC gamers use a Xbox 360 controller with some of their favorite games.  The developer Blue Orb has just announced today that they have added support in the software for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

“Our aim is to immerse players into the brutal frays of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning by providing them with a hands-on alternative to the traditional keyboard and mouse control scheme,” said Walt Wilson, COO at Blue Orb. “Realm vs. Realm combat is one of the many highlights of WAR, and SwitchBlade brings comfort and a rich new game play experience to the hours-long city sieges players will experience in-game.”

The program preconfigures the controller with the most commonly used Warhammer control mappings.  Not only that but the software is free eliminating one of the most common reasons not to try something new.

 What good am I without a link, so if you wanted to check this out it is here.

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