Generation: Gamerz Hudson Announces Snowboard Riot

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A new snowboarding game for the Wii... 

 Hudson Entertainment has big plans for the snow drift world of the Nintendo Wii.  

“Snowboard Riot is not your standard snowboarding game,” said Sabine Duvall,
Vice President of Product Development at Hudson Entertainment. “A snowboarding
game is a rush by itself, but when you add weapons, it becomes even more
exciting. Add in online play for four people and you have the perfect game for
both snowboarding and action-racing fans”

With the ability for four people to play online, what could make this game better?  Perhaps the option to use the Balance Board like a real snowboard by leaning left or right to carve your way down the hill.  Not to mention special items like a turbo boost or a mine, these add-ons surely will attract those who are not looking for your everyday snowboard experience.

There is no word yet on when this title can be expect, but lets hope it hits when there is actually still snow on the ground.

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