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2029 Online ( is a massive online sci-fi based multiplayer experience set in a world ravaged by hatred throughout the Helen Continent, and never-ending conflicts between races and rebel forces. Players from across the globe come together online, and combat to uphold their faith and glory. As the game heats up, they will soon break away from killing mobs to level them and play the game with a PvP element.

What can expect from 2029

Players’ exploits in the Helen Continent will give them access to a huge variety of class-specific skills. This game brings visualized flamboyance back to MMO fans’ game experience, featuring stunning 3D graphics and variable game modes. Sometimes, the game will go full screen, blending intense game play and fantasy appeal together into one work of art. It allows players to create their own rooms on the purpose of forging lasting bonds of friendship with heroes who share a dream and fight to turn sword and sorcery tales into a reality. The moment-to-moment interaction with the game and players will help increase the role playing fun during periods of increased tension. Its quest system offers assorted quests with a story element. Some of them are branched out and composed of many addictive branching quests. The interaction between NPCs and players has been intensified. The game based on a solid idea for its design guarantees a smooth control while players are slashing enemies.

Background Music

Its background music is adaptive, which means it changes between different scenes or parts of game play. People will combat against evil with their hearts set afire by its vivid inspirational sound effects. Not all tracks in the game are fast paced. There are also some soul soothing melodies. Listening to them will lift spirits and give minds a relaxed sensation.

Multiple Cultures

2029 Online puts players right in the middle of a clash of civilizations. The planet Earth was destroyed by nuclear weapons and homeless human beings piloted a huge spaceship through space in search for a new planet to thrive and survive. They settled on Helen Continent and found a world shattered and plagued by fights between the races living here. These alien races were intelligent and had highly developed forms of culture. But their hatred toward each other was such that they wanted nothing but to hack each other into pieces and see their enemies’ blood spill everywhere. The planet was under the constant threat of war. Humans quickly grabbed a keen advantage in the struggles, striving to become the dominant species and forging new alliances of cultures. After many years passed, only a few outstanding and resilient species have remained: Humans, Dryads, Electronic Elves, Ice Energy and Mechanicals. Since then, Helen Continent has gradually built a world of peace and co existence.

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