Grand Theft Auto IV PC Patch 1.2 Now Available

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Today Rockstar has released a patch for Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC. Version 1.2, a variety of fixes and enhancements were applied, including new sliders in the graphics menu for "Water Quality", "Shadow Quality", and "Reflection Resolution" to grant players more freedom to customize graphical settings as they see fit.

As a result of the patch they had to disable the default setting for direct input device support. To re-activate your supported gamepad simply enter the commandline, "-usedirectinput".  The patch also addresses a variety of issues including, but not limited to, graphical optimization; bugs introduced with the release of patch 1; multiplayer and video editor fixes; and security updates.

Please visit for specific information about the changes and supported DirectInput devices.

For your convenience we have the patch hosted to download. (No, we don’t charge for it either)

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