EA Brings Skate 2 Race Challenge to the Streets of London

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To celebrate the launch of the eagerly awaited gritty Skate 2, Electronic Arts sent four gallant gladiators into a battle that pitted the skater’s board against foot, car and train. 
The race, spanning the transport trails from Waterloo to St Paul’s and then back to London’s landmark Eye, aimed to prove that skating is by far the superior and more exhilarating method of getting around. 
The Skate 2 race took four top British skaters across London through different means: Daryl Dominguez skated, Pete King drove, Kevin McKeon took the tube and a member of the Skate 2 team, Dave Slade, was on foot. In true Skate 2 style, each competitor had to tag each checkpoint while on their board. Using tricks, stunts and sheer skill, EA’s Skate 2 proved to be an electrifying race across the capital. To see the results of the Skate 2 extravaganza, click here.
EA’s Skate 2, brings gamers to New San Vanelona, a city that’s been rebuilt after an unspeakable disaster five years ago. Equipped with double the bag of tricks, Skate 2 players are tasked to rebuild their career and revive the skate scene. Now with the ability to get off-board and move objects around, gamers can create their own epic spots and challenges which can then be uploaded, shared and experienced with others around the world.
After the adrenalin fuelled battle, the skaters caught their breath and convened to pass their judgement on the realism of EA’s Skate 2, – their opinion? ‘The most true-to-life skating experience to be had on a computer game’.
Skate 2 from EA ups the ante in delivering all the grit, creativity and culture of skateboarding with all-new tricks that allow players to truly skate it their way – on and off the board. EA’s Skate 2 will be available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 on 23rd January 2009.
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