A Maiden, a Monk and an Ogre

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Dallas-based Blockdot has released “The Maiden, Monk and Ogre,” a puzzle-adventure game transporting players to a mythical land hidden deep in the valley of the Swiss Alps.

Your mission: keep the Maiden and the Monk safely out of the grasp of the hideous Ogre by moving the characters through each map, grabbing purple gems to advance to the next level. The craftiest of players will learn when to push barrels into chasms to make temporary bridges, grab keys to open gates, and land on bounce tiles to spring you over obstacles. The farther you advance in this 100-level game, the more difficult your quest!

Visit Blockdot’s gaming portal, Kewlbox.com, to begin your journey through “The Maiden, Monk and Ogre” http://www.kewlbox.com/games/GameLaunch.aspx?GameId=215#.

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