Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content? You bet your Zombie-killing life! And Soon

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FarmerDave and a few others have asked me if I had any insider information on downloadable content for Left 4 Dead from Valve. Unfortunately, I don’t, or rather, I didn’t. But what I did have was a contact over at Valve Software and the willingness to find out. So I sent off an email earlier today in hopes of getting some information...some concrete information.

What I got was in fact concrete information but still shrouded in the ever-present mist of secrecy surrounding Valve and their products.

My contact at Valve Software tells me that Left 4 Dead DLC will be announced in the next few weeks and that you should be able to get your zombie blood-soaked mitts on it very shortly after that.

So there you go you Zombie-mad maniacs. In just a matter of weeks, ok maybe a couple months, you’ll be getting more zombie-killing action to keep you knee deep in zombie guts.

How’s that for some progress?

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