Ntreev USA Announces “The Young and the Wrestless” PvP Tournament for Grand Chase

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Ntreev USA, Inc. today announced “The Young and the Wrestless” player-versus-player tournament for Grand Chase, sponsored by PlaySpan. Starting on February 1, Grand Chase players will be able to compete for prizes including PlaySpan’s Ultimate Game Card, the prepaid gift card accepted by more than 200 online multiplayer games. The tournament will be divided into two main competitions, the “Young Blood” tournament and the “Bad Blood” tournament.

The “Young Blood” portion of the tournament is accessible to all players with a valid Grand Chase play account in good standing, regardless of character, job, level or equipment. The map used for the tournament will be chosen by an online vote on the Grand Chase forums, and the qualifying round will consist of a six-person survival battle. The last player standing in each match will move on to the playoffs.

The playoff round will consist of a single-elimination bracket. The winners of each round in the playoffs will receive Ultimate Game Cards, each worth $10.00 in credit. Winnings are cumulative, so the more rounds a player wins, the more Ultimate Game Cards they win, with up to $120 in credit awarded to those who reach the finals. Also, those who manage to claim victory in the semifinals and finals will receive Champion Armor sets.

There will also be a separate “Bad Blood,” invitation-only competition featuring the top six winners from the four previous Grand Chase tournaments. These elite Grand Chase warriors will compete in a winner-take-all survival tournament. The winner will receive an armor set, a statue in the in-game Park, a custom illustration of their character by an Ntreev artist that will become the loading screen for Grand Chase for two weeks, and a plaque signed by the entire Ntreev USA staff bearing that illustration.

All tournaments will take place on the Gorgos server.

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