Last Chaos English Server Opens for Europe

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Aeria Games announced today that Last Chaos, an internationally successful, free-to-play MMORPG, launched a new European server group to better service and expand its large European player base.  Hosted by Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc., the fastest growing Free-to-Play MMO game community with over 5 million members, the European channel features in-game events, promotions and support specifically for players connecting during peak European gaming hours.

 "English-speaking European players have long come to Aeria’s North American servers because of our first-class support, daily player events and, of course, the great gameplay of Last Chaos," stated Susan Revelt, producer for Last Chaos. "With the new European channel, Last Chaos players can enjoy the game alongside their continental friends with promotions and events designed around peak European playing hours."
In a fictional land of dragons, magic, and heroism, gamers can battle each other and the environment in a unique PvPvE system.  Last Chaos features a state-of-the-art graphic system that renders high-intensity battles.  In addition, the title features an item crafting system and a pet-raising system.

To celebrate the launch of the European server, Aeria Games announced that they are giving away £10,000 in prizes to players during the first month of EU server promotions.

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