iWin Hires P J Pride Pet Detective

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Win, Inc., a leading developer and publisher of online casual games, today announced the launch of P.J. Pride Pet Detective, Destination: Europe, a sequel to the original hidden object game hit, P.J. Pride Pet Detective.

In P.J. Pride Pet Detective, Destination: Europe, join P.J. and her beloved niece as they travel through some of Europe’s most exciting cities such as Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Upon landing on the continent, P.J. and Ashley begin hearing of mysterious sightings of exotic circus animals throughout the area. P.J. Pride Pet Detective is immediately on the case, trying to round up all of the missing animals and return them safely to their owners. But the puzzle becomes more perplexing as P.J. learns that loose animals aren’t the only lingering mystery. Missing diamonds come into the fold and the case turns from strange to sinister.

In addition to a hooking storyline, P.J. Pride Pet Detective, Destination: Europe immediately draws the player in with stunning scenes from around the beautiful continent of Europe. "We took a different approach with the way we tackled the search screens," says Sr. Producer, Dennis Cheng. "Everything was actually composed entirely in 3D first, and then a paint-over layer is added to give the screens a warmer look."

Cheng continues, "After much user testing, we took the time pressure off of the search screen mode so that the players can take the time to enjoy looking at our search screens and all their beauty, rather than always ’working’ to just find the necessary items."

Unlike other hidden object games, in P.J. Pride Pet Detective, Destination: Europe, the gameplay and the storyline are very tightly integrated. Players will need to keep their wits about them as they dissect some of the story’s foreshadowing against the search list of items. When the mystery of the stolen diamonds is unraveled, the player will actually have to physically look for the clues that tie the story directly to the gameplay.

P.J. Pride Pet Detective, Destination: Europe is currently exclusively available from iWin.com where it can be downloaded with a 60-minute free trial. Customers of iWin’s iCoins service can purchase all games for up to 65 percent off, in addition to receiving exclusive discounts on other iWin games.

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