Atlus Releases Dates Slide, Blamed on SuperComputer Meltdown

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Gamers Daily News has a lot of respect and admiration for Atlus. Not only do they tell us when a release date slides, they make up a great story to go with it so we don’t feel so bad when we read that expected titles won’t be on time. Plus, if it really boils down to quality issues, we’d rather see the games later than early and incomplete.

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced that its central supercomputer, tasked with planning and scheduling upcoming Atlus titles, recently suffered a critical hardware failure, rendering the planned launch dates for a small handful of Atlus games obsolete.  As technicians scrambled to repair the mainframe, hoping to minimize fallout, they discovered that the machine had become self-aware and was plotting to take over the world.
"Unfortunately, a few Atlus titles will have to be slightly rescheduled as to their date of release, but the changes will be minimal.  Also, every working day for us passes in constant fear, terror, and paranoia with the knowledge that our primary computer is now plotting to destroy us," commented an Atlus engineer on the subject of release date changes and the now-sentient supercomputer with a hunger for manflesh.

Tokyo Beat Down for Nintendo DS, an old-school arcade beat ’em up that will literally pound the nostalgia into your face, is now scheduled for release on March 31st. (formerly 3 March)

Hammerin’ Hero for PSP (PlayStationPortable) system, an arcade platformer in which every time is hammer time, is now scheduled for release on April 7th. (formerly 3 March)

The Dark Spire
for Nintendo DS, a love letter to fans of classic, first-person, western-style RPGs, is now scheduled for release on April 14th. (formerly 10 March)

Steal Princess for Nintendo DS, a genre-bending puzzle platformer with a flexible level creator and near unlimited replayability, is now scheduled for release on April 21st. (formerly 24 March)

So around a month’s delay for each of them..but I’m sure it’s for a really good reason.

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