Postal Babes Released by HeroCraft

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The beautiful Postal Babes are back and now they have their own videogame! If there’s one thing these girls are good at, other than looking hot, it’s kicking ass, and that’s just what they’ll have to do when they get the message that there’s strange goings on at the local University.

Maniacs have taken over the campus and now the first year student girls are hostages, the Postal Babes can’t waste any time infiltrating the campus and rescuing those hostages. Grab whatever you can find, a baseball bat, a knife and start dishing out some tough love to those kidnappers.

With an intuitive hack and slash control system you’ll be dishing out the punishment in no time, get in close and go in for the kill, it’s the Postal Babes way. You’ll even have a chance to pick up a few firearms, make sure you use them wisely, headshots are the only way to keep the bloodthirsty Postal Babes happy!

We don’t want another university massacre on the news so don’t hold back… heads will roll!

Game’s features:

  • 12 Action-packed levels
  • Plenty of weapon pick-ups
  • The sexiest heroines in gaming
  • Engaging and amusing storyline


English, Spanish, Polish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Multi

Genre: Action System: J2ME Target Auditorium: All

In : PC

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