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Kalypso Media today release details of the Grand Ages: Rome multiplayer features. Grand Ages: Rome is the sequel to Kalypso Media’s city building strategy game Imperium Romanum, a top 10 European hit title. Previous players of Imperium Romanum will not be disappointed with Grand Ages: Rome’s massively updated graphics, more complex combat and a wealth of new features to please new and old fans alike. Grand Ages: Rome gives the player the opportunity to rule the greatest empire the world had ever known. Is there an Emperor within you?

Grand Ages: Rome has an extensive multiplayer facility allowing you to take on your fellow Romans and vie for control. The path to multiplayer glory can be achieved via several modes.

Last Man Standing – The objective of this game mode is to defeat all other teams. A player is considered defeated when all outposts controlled by them are destroyed.

40.000 Denarii
– The first team to accumulate a total of 40 000 Denarii wins.

All Monuments
– The first team to construct the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Pantheon, Philosopher Academy, Courthouse and Victory Column wins.

Defeat Last Barbarians
– The team that destroys the last barbarian village on the map wins.

King of the Hill – The teams battle for control of a special point on the map. The team that manages to hold control of the point for 10 minutes wins the game.

All in One
– This game mode combines all other multiplayer modes. Any team that destroys all enemy outposts, is the first to accumulate 100 000 Denarii, or constructs all the monuments will win. ‘Destroy all barbarians’ and ‘King of the Hill’ victory modes are also applied on the maps where these game modes are available.

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