Velvet Assassin Graphic Novel Getting the Aeon Flux Treatment

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SouthPeak Games announced today that it has partnered with world-famous animation artist Peter Chung to create all-new, original work based on the upcoming stealth-action game Velvet Assassin. Chung is best known as the creator and director of Aeon Flux, and has worked on a number of animation projects, including The Animatrix and The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury. The 15+ page digital graphic novel will be available as an exclusive, limited-quantity bonus item to those who purchase the game at GameStop.

Chung will be working with the Velvet Assassin team to contribute to the remarkable story of Violette Summer. His work can be seen in a graphic novel that focuses on Violette’s early years and tells the story of how she became an undercover part of the war effort.

Velvet Assassin provides an intense stealth action experience set deep in Nazi territory during World War 2. With its strong basis on real historical events, Velvet Assassin’s rich universe easily lends itself to additional back stories like Chung’s. Players will be able to get their hands on both the digital graphic novel and the game later this year.

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