Xfire Announces In-Game Browser

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Xfire’s latest release includes a powerful in-game web browser. Gamers who already use Xfire to chat with friends, take screenshots and capture game-play video no longer have a reason to alt-tab away from their game. "Scroll Lock + W" or a simple search from the main Xfire window launches the new web browser in-game.

Checking game FAQs, strategy guides and maps has never been easier. Listening to Pandora or viewing YouTube videos linked by friends without pausing the game is possible thanks to Flash support and tight integration with Xfire Chat. Organizing all these online activities is a snap with tabbed browsing.

Xfire is committed to enhancing the gaming experience, not getting in the way. Users can keep an eye on their game while surfing the web by adjusting the transparency of the browser. And surfing won’t change the fact that Xfire is speedy and low impact. The 5 MB Xfire application, including the in-game browser, is free and available to download now on www.xfire.com.

 Learn more at www.xfire.com/about_ingame_browser.

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