Reel Deal Live Goes Live

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Phantom EFX, the world’s leading developer and publisher of PC-based casual game titles, announced today that it has launched the Internet’s first casino themed virtual world, Reel Deal LIVE!  This unique online destination offers casino style play without wagering real money, and it’s suitable for people of all ages. 

“In these tough economic times, destination hot spots like Las Vegas and Atlantic City might seem a little too rich for most pocketbooks,” said Phantom EFX CEO Aaron Schurman.  “With Reel Deal LIVE, people can get that same big casino style excitement without the cost of a trip or the risk that comes with wagering real money.  And for those looking to learn the ropes in a risk free environment, this is a great learning tool.”   
Constructed in 3D, Reel Deal LIVE is a completely virtual, online community where gamers can socialize, place bets and experience the “high roller” life without wagering a dime.  Reel Deal LIVE offers players the opportunity to take their character from a simple tourist in a casino to one of the most powerful gamblers around.  Players will be given incredible casino quests, unique friendship opportunities and the freedom to master their own gaming universe.

Reel Deal LIVE currently features the following: completely customizable characters, or “avatars”; Phantom EFX’s award winning card and slot titles, with free updates; video poker; a race book and sports book; tournament play; social networking and alliance building through guild creation; NPC (non-player character) quests; a shopping mall for character and environment customization; a university, for skill improvement; and special “Golden Ticket” prizes; and much, much more.
Future updates to Reel Deal LIVE are free to subscribers, and will include: hundreds of new quests, thousands of additional items to purchase in the mall, two new slot machines each month and customizable suites.   
For those interested in playing Reel Deal LIVE, there are several subscription options available.  Starting at $8.99 a month, players will be given access to all the slot machines and games in the casino (as well as one new slot machine each month they subscribe).  There is also an annual subscription option, which gives subscribers an exclusive slot machine only available to annual subscription holders.  Annual subscribers will also save $36.00 per year, and that’s just the beginning! 
For more information about Reel Deal ‘LIVE’ and Phantom EFX, please visit
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