What Did Sony do in Sales for January?

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Nintendo topped the charts and put together the statistics for me. Xbox slammed into 2009 and sold a large pile of games and units. But what did Sony do? The electronics giant was reticent at the end of January when the NPD Group numbers came out, so I thought I would tell you what those numbers are for Sony.

The Wii and DS sold over 1 million units combined in Jan. and the Xbox 360 sold about 300K. Sony didn’t just fall off the chart, they’re just not selling as strongly with a total of about 475,000 units across all three platforms:

  • Playstation 2 - 101.2 thousand units sold
  • Playstation 3 - 203.2 thousand units sold
  • PSP - 172.3 thousand units sold

In the games sales department Sony didn’t fare so well. Not a single title made the top ten for the month. No Maddens, no exclusives...nothing.

Sony continues to hold the company line that the PS3 is the premier gaming experience and has a longer life cycle than any other platform. Numerous changes to the system configuration over the last couple years has yet to result in that golden package that outsells anything else available.

What I think is really going to happen is that eventually everyone will have a Wii and an Xbox 360 and the price of the PS3 will drop to a point where people finally say "sure, why not," and see it as a cheap entry into Blu-Ray. I can’t see Sony being happy with being outsold more than 50% by the Xbox 360 and thrice over by the Wii which they have started saying is not direct competition to the PS3. Even the PSP almost managed to outsell the PS3 coming in only about 30,000 units lower for the month.

So who is their competition? The PS 2 which sold half as many units as the PS3? Combined the three platforms couldn’t even muster enough sales to out-pace the DS.

Looking toward the future might give us some insight. At present about 45 titles are in development for the PS2 while around 145 titles have been announced for the PS3 and a lowly 50 for the PSP. What’s that in comparison to the other platforms? Both the Xbox 360 and the Wii are looking at about 150 titles coming up and the DS has 200 or about the same as the PS3 and PSP combined.

Someone in our forums recently asked if the PSP is dying. I don’t think it’s dying, but I think the sibling rivalry in Sony is not doing it any good. The PSP and PS3 are fighting for the parental love while the oldest child (PS2) goes merrily about it’s way and the baby of the family obviously isn’t getting the attention it wants when you look at the sales numbers.

I think it’s time for Sony to take a long hard look at it’s strategy for the PS3 and adjust to the market and the economy accordingly. Perhaps another price drop is in the works. Of course if you ask them they’ll say "no comment" which means "yes but we don’t want to tell you."

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