GlobalFun Launching Thirteen New Mobile Titles Across American Networks

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GlobalFun, Publisher and Developer of premium mobile games, has today announced a significant increase in traction in the North American market.

The company reports that during January not fewer than 13 games in total have been scheduled for release with the main carriers AT&T Wireless, T-mobile US and Verizon Wireless.

During the later half of 2008, GlobalFun has further secured distribution channels in North America of 2nd and 3rd tier carriers as well as with Direct To Consumer companies (D2C) operating in the region. Those channels include Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility, M-Qube (Much Music/MTV), Playphone, Essaps (Virgin Mobile Canada, Boost & Virgin Mobile USA and 14 other Tier 3 carriers).

This translates into the company now covering all significant distribution channels in the North American market.

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