Clan Title to be Handed out Next Week in Combat Arms Europe

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Exactly one month after launching its in-game clan system, Combat Arms Europe, the free-to-play online first-person shooter (FPS) brought by NEXON Europe, unveils the clans that claim to be the ‘top of the tops’ in fragging skills and teamwork.

The highly anticipated in-game clan system was added with the official launch of this fast-paced, thrilling online FPS title in January 2009, and commemorated with a month-long event to honor the most “Invincible" and “Dynamic" clans based on the total count of matches won and matches played. This event will be wrapped up on Monday, February 16th, so clans will have their last chances to attest their mastery and to win luring rewards over this weekend and on Monday.

During the first month after the official launch, 865 clan matches alone were played in average on a daily basis by multiple thousands of clans. “We had a great beta run, and have received even more overwhelming feedbacks from our players after the official launch,?said Sung-Jin Kim, Manager of Europe Business Team at Nexon. “Players really love the fast-paced game play along with the socialization features of Combat Arms Europe. Players can now create and join clans and participate in official clan matches on dedicated servers, encouraging both friendly competition and friendship among them.

The high level of socializing features of Combat Arms Europe also include buddy lists, in-game messenger system and integrated clan systems not only in-game but also on the web.

The recent launch just being the beginning, NEXON Europe looks forward to bringing additional striking features in the offing, including new maps, weaponry, and the opportunity to modify or to extend player’s mercenary with female character.

Clan matches will also be brought to another level by challenging the clans to compete in internal and external official tournaments.

To sign up and to download the game for free, visit

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