Nine Moto Racer DS Tracks in World Rankings

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Nine race tracks are now available in the online Worldwide Ranking System. Players can compare their times on new tracks in Grand Prix mode; Granite Valley, Eternal Sunset and Gasworth Castle. The Motocross and Freestyle modes now offer racers the chance to compare times on the Hula Whoops, Mud Arena and Sky Runner circuits.

In Moto Racer DS’ unique online Worldwide Ranking System, players can enter their scores to measure their times against others around the world. Will you be the best? Visit to find out.

Do you think you’re the fastest? Absolutely unbeatable? Have you beaten the AI on Expert difficult mode and want to take on the ultimate challenge? If the answer is yes, then try and beat the best riders in the world by accessing Moto Racer DS’ exclusive Online Worldwide Ranking System at:

Once on the Worldwide Ranking site, Moto Racer DS fans can register to create a rider profile and enter their Moto Racer DS code. The code can be found after a time trial race has been completed. Return to the main menu, select single player mode and then the mode that has just been raced in. Next, select time trial and the mode just completed to display a code for entry on the Worldwide Ranking website.

Profiles can be regularly updated with best times, as players try to beat their own personal record and compare or challenge other scores from all over the world. Players can also check out the Moto Racer DS forum to compare their skills with others.

Fast facts:
Publisher: Nobilis
UK Distributor: Ascaron Entertainment
Developer: Artefacts Studio
Release date: 3rd April 2009
PEGI: 3+
Format: Nintendo DS
Genre: Racing

In : PC

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