Updated: Street Fighter IV Sells Out In Japan

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According to a blog from Capcom, Street Fighter IV has sold out in Japan.

They have confirmed that they do have more stock readily available and will ship soon, but their first shipment (which is normally called "one day allotment) has entirely sold out.  They heard from producer Yoshinori Ono-san that Capcom does have a few copies left in the basement which they are going to release into the market.

As to how many were sold has not been revealed yet, and even Capcom says that numbers that have been published are way off base. Guess we will have to wait and see later this week, as to what the actual numbers really are.

Updated: I can’t sleep so I did a little investigating, looks like most are not too worried about the stock of Street Fighter IV as we only found about five copies of the game on the Japanese Ebay site. Most were going for around $50-$100, so it doesnt look like anyone is scrambling to get the game.  We checked out Bidbuy Japan also, and the scene is the same. The one hot item is the SF IV Tournament controller (Fight Stick) as they are selling around $250 to $500 between the two sites.

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