Splinter Cell Conviction Coming in June?

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I was poking around again this evening as I do on slow days, and ran across some information, I hadn’t seen before. Gamestop and Amazon both have a release date for Splinter Cell: Conviction. They have release date as June 30, 2009. Normally I wouldn’t say much but as neither of them have had this game in their database, I found it interesting, so I thought I would share.

I know Ubisoft recently stated that it would be coming out sometime between April 1st of this year and March of 2010.  So how close to the actual release date it is, I can’t be certain. I spoke to someone within Gamestop who stated that they normally don’t place a date unless its close. They only get the dates directly from the publishers. If this is the case, we may only have four months to wait.

Credit: Gamestop, Amazon

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