Toy Bot $10,000 Excellent Adventure

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IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc., a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, today announced that Toy Bot’s $10,000 Excellent Adventure has begun.  This special promotion for the critically acclaimed Toy Bot Diaries series will put $10,000 US in the hands of one lucky winner who completes an in-game challenge among all three Toy Bot Diaries games on the App Store for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.  

In order to be eligible to win, each participant must collect 25 datapads from each of the three Toy Bot Diaries games—for a total of 75 datapads.  Each player must play all three Toy Bot Diaries games on one device, and must submit an email address from the same device for each of the three achievements in order to be considered for the prizes. 
The first place winner of Toy Bot’s $10,000 Excellent Adventure will be awarded $10,000 US.  There will be 10 second prize winners, each of whom will receive a $100 iTunes gift card and the one third prize winner will receive a lifetime membership to all published IUGO iPhone and iPod touch games, free of charge. 
Toy Bot’s $10,000 Excellent Adventure ends on March 16, 2009 and is for IUGO’s critically acclaimed Toy Bot Diaries series, which is available exclusively on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.  Additional information regarding Toy Bot’s $10,000 Excellent Adventure is available at
Toy Bot Diaries is suitable for all ages, and utilizes the iPhone and iPod touch accelerometer and touch controls in a very natural way — making it a win for all skill and experience levels.
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