Diabolik Set for April

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Black Bean Games announces the release of Artematica latest adventure game Diabolik: The Original Sin on PC (excluding Italian, French and Russian speaking territories) PlayStation 2, PSP , Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, due by the end of April 2009.

The original idea of the game is based on the story created by the sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962 and its comic books.

The adventure game is set in an unusual world made of a curious mix between 3D real time graphics and 2D black&white comic style animation. The traditional point-and-click genre has been perfectly adapted to the main features of the latest consoles in order to ease the developing of the main plot and minigames.

The player is involved in a tricky story full of unexpected twists, intrigue, love and vengeance. In Diabolik’s skin, it won’t take too long to become a skilled thief and a master of disguise to rescue his beloved Eva. Called to be the bad guy for once, the player will find himself ensnared in fast-paced combat and stealth sequences.

Diabolik is a criminal who likes luxury, expensive cars and robs to enrich himself, following his own morality. Eva, the only woman who can keep up with him, likes being involved in mysterious and complicated stories. Diabolik and Eva make up an unconventional couple; they are lovers and partners in crime.

“Diabolik: The Original Sin represents for us the effort to create an international success based on a well known Italian comic story. We strongly believe Diabolik is beloved and admired by anyone because anyone secretly admires his wildness and transgression.” Said Fabrizio Vagliasindi, Black Bean Games Head of Marketing.

“This further development of Diabolik’s adventure on consoles next generation gave us the opportunity to work again with an international publisher such as Black Bean Games and establish Artematica Entertainment in the adventure game market.” Commented Riccardo Cangini, CEO of Artematica Entertainment.

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