Mathem Intergalactic Donates 50% to Bushfire Victims

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Independent developer Chris Pelling, aka Inventive Dingo, will be donating 50% of the proceeds from sales of his game Mayhem Intergalactic to benefit victims of the recent bushfires in Victoria, Australia, starting from the day the fires took hold (February 7th) and lasting until March 14th. Mayhem Intergalactic is a strategy game set in space, along the lines of Master of Orion but heavily simplified. Last year it received an Independent Games Festival Student Showcase award, and two ATOM Awards for "Best Video Game" and "Best Tertiary Video Game".

Chris Pelling knows first-hand how terrifying it is to stand in the path of an Australian bushfire, but admits that his experience comes "nowhere near" to the magnitude of the devastation wrought by these latest fires. The fire which threatened his neighbourhood, in Canberra, killed four people and destroyed over 500 homes. The official death toll for the Victorian bushfires currently stands at 209, and thousands of homes have been destroyed.

The money will be donated to the Australian Red Cross’s bushfire appeal fund. Potential donors are encouraged to contribute directly via the secure online form at

Mayhem Intergalactic can be played against the computer or over the Internet. It is available for $19.99 USD for Windows Vista/XP/2000/98, either direct from Inventive Dingo’s website at or from Steam. Versions for Mac OS X and Linux are planned; users of those platforms are encouraged to sign up for the email newsletter at Doing so will ensure they receive a notification when the game becomes available for their platform.

If you’re interested in the game here’s a review I did some time back at Generation: Gamerz.

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