PoxNora Awakens New Add-on

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PoxNora players can look forward to new player avatars, 70 new runes, new gameplay mechanics and options, as well as other exciting new features as the ninth expansion for the popular online strategy game goes live today.

Ancient Awakenings is the ninth expansion from Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE)’s Tucson studio, formerly the Octopi, LLC development team.

“Ancient Awakenings adds several features off our ‘most requested’ list,” said Dan Kopycienski, director of development for SOE Tucson. “Expanding the rune dock is going to change the mechanics and flow of the game in exciting new ways, and the avatars provide a whole new strategic dimension to gameplay.”

Ancient Awakenings Features:

  • New Runes – More than 70 new runes to collect, including 40 champion runes across 26 different races and eight classes. Ancient Awakenings also introduces the “Undertortoise,” a champion rune inspired by the PoxNora player community.
  • Meet the Avatars – Ancient Awakenings introduces the “avatar” game mechanic. Player shrines can now transform into strategic units that gain multiple levels of experience.
  • Rune Dock Enhancements – The default rune dock will be increased from 20 runes to 30 runes, allowing users to create more versatile battlegroups. Rune docks will also be sortable, giving players an easier way to find the rune they are looking for.
  •   New Campaign – Campaign consists of four encounters to help introduce the avatars and their story.
  •  New Trial Options – New players can choose a preconstructed battlegroup to play for no additional cost. These battlegroups cannot be traded but, for the first time, each champion in the battlegroup will be able to gain up to 50 experience points, allowing new players to experiment with champion upgrades. At any time, these players can purchase the deck for $9.99 (plus applicable taxes), and retain any experience and upgrades they have earned.
  • Expansion Box Set - Players can purchase an expansion box set that contains 10 booster packs and a cool exotic!
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