iD Opens Quake LIVE Beta

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Today, id Software made the hotly anticipated QUAKE LIVE available to the public as an open beta. QUAKE LIVE is a new and innovative browser-based multiplayer game experience that offers players of all skill levels a totally free and easily accessible multiplayer game and social community through a single state-of-the-art web site at

"Gamers have been eagerly waiting for months, but the day has arrived where everyone can now come and play QUAKE LIVE," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software, Inc. "We’ve taken the greatest online deathmatch game of all time and made it even better with skill matching, chat, stats tracking and a ton of other cool stuff.  And we’ve made it totally free!"

QUAKE LIVE delivers the excitement and energy of first-person multiplayer action to a broader audience than ever before. Not your typical “web game,” QUAKE LIVE offers players a 100% free-to-play premium first person shooter, encompassing more than 30 arenas, five game modes and more than 50 characters - all delivered and accessed through a cutting-edge web site.  Connect with friends, play matches, track the leaderboards and browse through player profiles that include scores, detailed statistics, as well as achievement-based awards and trophies. 

Integrated with IGA Worldwide’s proprietary SDK, QUAKE LIVE offers companies and agencies fresh opportunities to dynamically-target brands to audiences within a broadly accessible version of one of the world’s premiere game franchises, while also offering gamers a totally free premium game, fun events, and a vibrant, active community of other players.

The QUAKE LIVE Game Experience:

Play a free, premium multiplayer game in as little as five minutes.  After a minimal registration process and short download is completed, players are immediately transported into a basic tutorial and skill placement match against a computer-controlled opponent.  Once a QUAKE LIVE player account has been created, an intuitive and engaging web site becomes each players’ unified interface for joining online games, practicing privately against computer controlled opponents, finding and communicating with friends, and monitoring match scores, leaderboards, statistics, and awards.  Joining the perfect game is always one click away, as QUAKE LIVE’s skill matching system automatically suggests a selection of matches based on each individual player, using factors like skill, and connection quality.  Players are never burdened with install discs or a broken or outdated game, as patches and additional content are handled through a transparent automatic update process.  Plus, since the game is accessed and delivered entirely through the web, players can login and play from anywhere - with all of their personal game settings, custom controls and friends as close as the nearest web browser.

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