How Much is Your Playstation 3 Worth?

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An article on Sacremento Bee’s website, a man was sentenced to 120 days in jail for filing a false police report and fraudulent insurance claim.

According to the article, Nicholas Stanfield called 911 on December 17th, about a car jacking. Police showed up and noticed him bruised and battered. He stated to the police, he was walking to his truck, when he was assaulted and his keys taken from him and the perpetrators took off with his vehicle. Police filed a report.

When it came time to fill out the paperwork for the insurance claim, Mr. Stanfield claimed to have had over $4,000 in personal property in the truck at the time it was stolen, and $20,000 in customization to the truck. He also asked for reimbursement for towing, storage fees, and car rentals.

The insurance thought something didn’t sound right and did an investigation. Police Detective Bryce Heinlein from the Sacramento police department was assigned the case and soon found out the real story.

Mr. Stanfield made up the whole story. He had a couple of buddies beat him up to help out with the story, as he had missed his November and December truck payment. Why? He decided to spend his truck payment on a $500 PS 3 as a Christmas present for himself.

He has now been convicted and will have to wait to play his PS 3 for 120 days, as he sits in the county jail. He also obtained four years probation.

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