Spanish Card Game Brisca for iPhone

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The developers of Pordiversion and the publisher Makebari have announced their first mobile game, Briscas, is now available for download on Apple’s App store and by the webpage

The trick-taking card game is available in five languages, fully animated, with unique medieval graphics and fantastic visual and sound effects, that transport players to another century.

Briscas, for iPhone and iPod Touch is based on the popular Spanish card game with the same name. This Italian variant of Briscola, is played by kids and adults all over the world, with dominance in Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy and other countries.

The chronicles of Briscas, a war spanning centuries, brings to you an epic battle of religion, government, militia and armies. Between swords, cups, batons and coins, are a battle of the most powerful cards and the ability of the player to make wise moves in order to achieve the victory. The game is easy to learn but hard to master, the main is the strategy. In Briscas the player has the opportunity to keep a saved record of the score along with 38 achievements that will keep the player entertained for hours trying to complete new goals.

Briscas is the first mobile game published by Makebari. Future releases will feature introductory game play mechanics that will appeal to new gamers. Also the company is working on a multiplayer version and on adding recompenses for completed achievements. The development team had the collaboration of Alexander Orozco, who was part of the development group of “Star Wars The Force Unleashed”.

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