iPhones Iron Fist Boxing Version 2

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Version 2.0 of Realtech VR iPhone and iPod touch 3D Mixed Martial Art and Boxing game ’Realtech Iron Fist Boxing’ is now available on the iTunes AppStore.

"This version is the long await updated, after 2 months since the public beta, it includes the much requested training mode, featuring 10 different opponents (2 new ones since the first version!) with 2 variations of each (so 20 characters)

The update also contains improved AI and animation, new moves, new musics, new characters, new backgrounds, vibration support, faster game resume and improved controls and user interface, and online leader board to determine who is the world champion of the Realtech Iron Fist Boxing Tournament. These changes work together to provide an enjoyable fighting experience!"

Iron Fist Boxing 2.0 has been submitted to the iTunes App Store and will be available shortly. The game will be available at the low price of 0.99$ for 48h only !

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