Babel Media and VoiceWorks to Take the Pain out of Localized Speech

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Babel Media, the leading international provider of specialist services to the video game and interactive industry, is very pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with VoiceWorks Productions Inc., a leader in providing US domestic voice-over to the interactive and ancillary product market. Based in Los Angeles, VoiceWorks Productions has produced voice over for hundreds of video games and ancillary products including award nominated Saints Row (1&2), DeBlob, Company of Heroes and Mercenaries 2.

By combining capabilities, Babel Media and VoiceWorks Productions offer a full solution to what has previously been the complicated process of creating a consistency between original English voice over and its localized versions. In this new alliance, VoiceWorks Productions will provide English audio production in the United States, including casting union signatory talent, voice over direction and pre-production. By combining these services with Babel’s experience in localized recording and in-house post-production capabilities, they will be able to offer one stop shopping.

Together, Babel Media and VoiceWorks Productions will offer clients key time and cost saving benefits by streamlining and combining production of domestic and localized audio.

"Babel are always looking for innovative ways to improve our client’s time to market and save them money in the process, that is our value proposition”, said Richard Leinfellner CEO of Babel Media, “by partnering with VoiceWorks Productions, not only can we provide audio as a cost effective end to end service, but also we can achieve much better world-wide quality and consistency than working with two separate agencies.”

Until now the creation of the original English source audio happened in isolation from the localized recordings this can cause a major project management & quality headache for publishers and studios alike. With this new partnership, clients will benefit from having the same team work on all versions with a single point of contact.

“We focus on delivering the best original audio for the game” said Douglas Carrigan CEO and founder of VoiceWorks Productions, “but the knowledge we built up was not passed on to the localization team. By working together we can share all that data, plus by using the same post-production methods we can share setup files and other resources so the publisher or developer gets the same high quality result while saving time and money.”

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