SPIL Officially World’s Largest Casual Gaming Portal

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SPIL GAMES, the world’s ultimate online game destination, confirmed today that it has become the largest casual game portal network worldwide based on results from the latest comScore Media Metrix assessment. According to recent reports, SPIL GAMES’ worldwide traffic grew 75% in 2008, bringing its casual game portal network worldwide ranking from the #5 position in early 2008 to the #1 position at close of the year. SPIL GAMES surpassed other top online game portals as the leading dedicated destination network for casual games. SPIL GAMES also reports a 269% increase in traffic in the United States as well as a global revenue growth of 125% in 2008.

“We are particularly proud of reaching the number one ranking in casual game portal networks worldwide. SPIL GAMES is a stand-alone, fully-dedicated and independent portal network, while competitors like Yahoo! Games and MSN Games are general portals with a channel for casual games. And, over the last year, we’ve been dedicated to growing our audience through a strategy focused on providing quality, fun-to-play, localized, and segmented portals," said Peter Driessen, CEO of SPIL GAMES.


In addition to substantial traffic growth in the United States, SPIL GAMES saw increases in traffic in many other territories in its network of casual game portals last year: year-over-year traffic grew 113% in the United Kingdom, 52% in France, and 19% in Germany.  In addition, SPIL GAMES finished the fourth quarter of 2008 with stronger-than-ever revenues. While the greatest concentrations of advertising revenue stream from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and France, SPIL GAMES works closely with advertising partners all around the world to develop advertising solutions and provide advergame seeding that reaches specific segments on its portals, making it not only the ultimate online destination for gamers, but for advertisers seeking the captivated attention of this valuable market as well.

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