Test yourself with the Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Demo

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Oxygen Games offer up a taste of the excitement to come with a demo of the first Hospital of this frantic game – Test your nerves and see if you’ve got what it takes……

Do you like a challenge? Can you handle the pace of this frantic, fast paced action-packed game? You have a whole Emergency Ward in your hands – can you cope with the responsibility? This demo showing the addictive and fun game coming soon on Wii, Nintendo DS and PC, gives you a taste of the fun to come!

You’ll need to give the demo your full attention while you move patients around, control the nurses and take your patients through triage by dragging objects around, making sure no-one is missed out while frantically playing against the clock!

It’s your job to keep the patients happy and well – are you sure you’re up to the job?

For more information about Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward and Oxygen Games visit: http://www.oxygengames.net.

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