Bumble.bz Taps Hive Mentality with Bored Meeting Online

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Due to Bored Meeting’s positive reception both in the press and on the official Xbox popularity list, Bumble.bz announces a free online update under development to bring the smart, fun, and addictive game play into the Xbox Live arena.

"Since this is still the experimental stage of XBLCG," says developer Steven Jones, "we needed to gauge whether the additional development time [for online play] would be worthwhile. I’m happy to say that the initial release of Bored Meeting as a solid local multi-player game has been so well received that we’re now developing the Bored Meeting Online update."

Gamers already enjoying Bored Meeting - or who purchase Bored Meeting in the interim - will receive the free online update through Xbox Live in the coming weeks.

Bored Meeting availability
Bored Meeting is available as a free trial and as a 400 Microsoft Point full version on Xbox Community Games.

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