Paleo Entertainment Debut Title Merchants of Brooklyn Now Available on Steam

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Paleo Entertainment, an independent game company, today announces the first volume of its debut title, Merchants of Brooklyn, is to be available for download on the popular Steam platform.

 A unique project that merges frenetic combat in a massive vertical world, Merchants of Brooklyn is a dark tale of revenge and destruction presented in a unique graphic novel art style. Laced with humor and a twisted sense of history, M.O.B. offers a truly unique vision of a future where cloned Neanderthals roam the streets, and where society has urbanized toward the skies in colossal vertical settlements.

M.O.B. tells of a dystopian New York where environmental crisis has forced the population to literally inch closer to the sky through a massive network of bridges to avoid the toxicity of the surface. The violent change call for a new breed of laborer and modern science answered the call.  Society then witnessed the birth of new working class -- Neanderthals.  Physically powerful but mostly obedient, the Neanderthal population exploded and clogged the lower levels of the city where they were forced to fight in blood sports.

As Matteo, a Neanderthal fighter specially engineered for mental and physical superiority, players will blast their way through a sprawling dystopia where the glow of towering megastructures illuminate epic firefights and brutal hand-to-hand combat. Using a biomechanical arm made specifically for Matteo by a mysterious scientist, players will rip through hordes of ancient enemies, such as Neanderthal thugs, as well as futuristic foes, such as Hover Droids and security drones.

Built using the Crytek 2 engine, M.O.B. sets the stage for a brutal struggle between the past and future. Players will employ an arsenal of futuristic weaponry through the shape shifting biomechanical arm, as well as devastating melee techniques. Using everything at their disposal, players will explore the underbelly of future Brooklyn and begin their ascent to the higher levels. Players can also take the carnage online through various multiplayer modes, included in the first volume.

The first volume of Merchants of Brooklyn is RP (Rating Pending) by the ESRB (expected M - Mature) and is available as a PC download via Steam for $19.99. Paleo Entertainment will share development updates and product details on upcoming volumes in coming weeks.

More information can be found on the Paleo Entertainment site at

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