Gendai Announces Beta and iPhone Details

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Game startup Gendai Games is announcing today the launch of the open beta program for GameSalad Creator, an intuitive and easy to understand application that allows non-programmers to create and publish games to the web and iPhone.

Since the quiet launch of their open alpha in February of 2009, Gendai Games has logged over a thousand unique alpha testers into their developer program. With the announcement of the open beta, Gendai Games is also releasing additional information regarding the ability to preview and publish games to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

With the free GameSalad Creator, designers can develop and test their games on their intel based Mac. Utilizing the forthcoming GameSalad iPhone Preview app, the game creator is able to prototype and test their game directly on an iPhone that is paired with their computer in a matter of seconds. Once ready for distribution, the game creator can purchase an exported build that is ready to submit to Apple for inclusion in the App Store. The pricing structure has yet to be announced but will be made available before the official launch of GameSalad.

With GameSalad, Gendai Games promises the easiest way to develop and publish interactive media for the iPhone, eliminating the requirement to channel software through Xcode and other programming environments. “Our goal has been to make it possible for the 99% of the population who do not program the ability to design, develop, and sell their own games,” says Michael Agustin, CEO of Gendai Games. “Our tools have evolved to the point that we can now make that a possibility.”

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