Terminal Reality and Streamline Studios Announce Partnership

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Terminal Reality and Streamline Studios, the leading international production studio focused on co-production and production management for games, today announced a unique partnership where Streamline Studios will become the content creation partner of choice for developers making games on the Infernal Engine. Streamline Studios will also use Terminal Reality’s Infernal Engine for many of their internal projects and make the engine available to production partners. Additionally, Terminal Reality and Streamline Studios will share marketing and promotion for upcoming titles.

The Infernal Engine easily scales between systems, and Terminal Reality and Streamline Studios will be participating in a sponsored session on cross platform development at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) next week in San Francisco, CA.

“Streamline Studios is widely known as the premier content creation and production house in the games Industry. The Infernal Engine is the most cross platform, highly featured game engine available, and we feel that our advanced asset pipeline will allow their artists to shine,” said Joe Kreiner, VP Sales and Marketing at Terminal Reality. “As Streamline Studios moves into more co-productions, the Infernal Engine platform flexibility will give them a upper hand in development options, as well as reduce costs.”

“Our partnership with Terminal Reality will give us the ability to support one of the fastest growing engines on the market today and further expand our capabilities in deploying the highest quality external content creation services to the market,” said Alexander Fernandez, president and CEO of Streamline Studios. “Our studio has a reputation for delivering AAA content for some of the biggest blockbusters in the industry and we only work with the best partners. Terminal Reality has impressed us and we’re confident that we’ll all benefit exponentially from our combined efforts.”

Streamline Studios will take full advantage of the Infernal Engine’s technology which features a powerful particle system, advanced physics and support for ultra-realistic environments and characters. On top of a great feature set, the Infernal Engine comes with best in class support and an ultra-efficient content pipeline to maximize productivity.

In addition to being a top-notch development platform, the Infernal Engine is a great teaching tool. With that in mind, Streamline Studios and Terminal Reality will look at setting up incubation programs where promising teams gain access to the technology and Streamline Studios supports the development with their industry leading content creation services, as part of a co-production agreement. The companies will also participate in educational initiatives that will help expand the technology’s reach to students and future developers.

Terminal Reality will be showing the Infernal Engine to interested developers and publishers by appointment only at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco from March 25 – 27 in San Francisco, CA. Companies interested in the Infernal Engine licensing information can visit www.infernalengine.com

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