Tycoon Online Opens its Doors to America

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Tycoon Online, will launch a USA-themed server on March 22, announced Capitalist Enterprises, Inc., the game company which publishes Tycoon Online. The new USA server will feature the same gameplay as the original Tycoon Online, but will have a USA-based map and USA-based names for in-game characters.

The new USA version will also be the first server to implement Tycoon Online’s new teams feature. The teams feature, similar to alliances or guilds found in many RPGs, allows players to share strategies and socialize with friends in-game.

“We decided to launch a USA version of Tycoon Online because of the unprecedented growth of our audience,” said Doug Granzow, CEO of Capitalist Enterprises, Inc. “The new server will not only make room for a great number of players, but also allows them to further customize their gameplay experience.”

Tycoon Online-USA is the second version of game available to English-speaking players. Local versions of the game are also available to players in Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Turkey. Additional countries are expected to launch later this year.

You can find the new USA version of Tycoon Online at http://usa.tycoononline.com . Registration is open now, and the next round of gameplay begins Sunday, March 22.

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