New FragFX for PS3 on Sale Now

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SplitFish Gameware, Inc. ("SplitFish") is pleased to announce the release of the new FragFX V2 controller for the Sony PlayStation 3. This long awaited advanced gaming accessory represents the next significant industry advancement for PS3 gamers. The FragFX V2 truly delivers on giving the first-person shooter (FPS) player the gaming precision, speed and control previously only available to PC gamers.

Over the past year, SplitFish has painstakingly re-engineered and turbocharged the key performance features of the FragFX V2 system to ensure maximum playability and performance for PS3 gamers of all levels. Based on carefully analyzing the feedback received from V1 users, and pro gamers, the new V2 now includes significant improvements to the following components: optical mouse, frag switch, mouse & motion sensitivity, mouse buttons, and d-pad. In addition, improved game support will ensure that FragFX V2 users continue to dominate on today’s genre of games (enhanced response in Call of Duty: World at War, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2) as well as future front line releases. In the event firmware upgrades are needed, they will be provided for free and instantaneously by simply downloading them directly from

The FragFx V2 also serves as a fully optimized mouse for the browsing and navigation of the PlayStation HOME virtual world and the PlayStation Network browser.

"When it comes to fast-paced gaming where precision counts, gamers demand the most from their controllers and that is where the FragFX V2 comes into play. We decided to release a FragFx V2 to incorporate some of the great suggestions made by our hard core customers and pro gamers - the resulting hardware and firmware modifications, make the V2 an even more versatile and better quality PS3, FPS controller." said SplitFish president Werner Demetz.

Key features of the FragFX V2 controller include:

  • Larger mousepad for a wider range of motion for mouse tracking and aiming
  • Varied mouse button surface textures to distinguish between buttons and provide better grip and less slip
  • Unique pressure sensitive Frag button that allows gamers to drastically increase their accuracy-perfect for long-range sniping.
  • Macro mouse sensitivity control located on the FragChuck provides gamers with a truly unique control setup.
  • Improved directional padRapid-fire can be mapped to a variety of mouse buttons and can be turned on and off on the fly from in-game.
  • FragChuck has full range of adjustable 6-Axis motion control.
  • Unique motion port feature that allows gamers to map 6-Axis motions-specific functions to a variety of buttons.

The FragFX V2 is now shipping in North America and is available from the following major retailers:,,, and The SplitFish FragFX2 V2 has an MSRP of $79.99.

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