GDC 09: Solid State Networks Announces Plug-and-Play Solution For Delivering Game Updates

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Content delivery software maker Solid State Networks, Inc., the leading developer of digital game and patch delivery solutions (, today announced the availability of Solid Axis CURRENT Publisher Edition (PE), a standalone plug-and-play patching solution for Windows games. CURRENT is designed to improve the user experience associated with updating games while reducing the costs of preparing and delivering those updates.

CURRENT PE is designed to work with a publisher’s existing titles and provides publishers with a robust feature set that can be implemented without custom coding or programming. Other features include:  one-step updating from any previous version; progressive downloading; advanced data compression; wizard-based patch creation; and configurable delivery and downloading options including optional hybrid CDN/P2P delivery technology.

Solid State evaluated many of the frequently updated game titles and found that most would realize reductions in delivery costs ranging from 20 to 70 percent.  These savings do not include the further cost reductions made possible by using the optional hybrid HTTP/P2P delivery capabilities available in CURRENT PE. In addition to cost reductions, publishers will deliver  faster updates which will result in a better user experience for players.  

“As we listened to the unique challenges that each of our gaming customers have, we saw a big need to develop a simplified version of our patching solution that eliminated the need for valuable programmer resources to be devoted to patching and delivery,” stated Travis Hilterbrand, Senior Developer for Solid State Networks. “CURRENT PE gives game publishers an easy-to-configure patching solution that is fast to deploy, but works seamlessly to deliver game updates in such a way that does not disrupt game play.”

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