Bungie Releases Stats on Halo 3

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Here are a few Halo 3 factoids that Bumgie is really proud of:

  • Halo 3 is still averaging close to 900,000 unique players per day on Xbox LIVE, it routinely pushes over a million on weekends, and it’s actually trending upwards.
  • The average Halo 3 player session clocks in at roughly one hour per play.
  • The Legendary Map Pack, released just about one year ago, still averages over five thousand downloads per day!
  • Both the Heroic Map Pack and Cold Storage are holding strong at over 11,000 downloads per day.
  • Halo 3 charted fifteenth overall in the NPD sales chart for February 2009, again, nearly twenty months out from our retail launch.
  • You’re closing in on Ten BILLION Covenant Campaign kills all told (just under 9.8 billion currently).
  • Total Halo 3 Players Smashed by the Banhammer, for any reason, ever: 57,854.
  • Players rocking the New Hayabusa (aka Recon Armor): 452.

Some stats on your user-created content:

  • Total Content Items Downloaded : 1,467,453,346.
  • Total Uploaded: 70,699,248.
  • Screenshots currently available on B.net: 70,157,911.
  • Saved Films and Film Clips currently on B.net: 5,671,549 (for a total running time of 730,445,087 seconds).
  • Game Variants currently available on B.net: 409,009.
  • Map Variants currently available on B.net: 1,384,343.

According to the data we receive from Xbox LIVE:

  • Close to 15 million people have played Halo 3, Launch-to-Date.
  • Over 2 million players have completed the campaign on Legendary Difficulty.
  • Over 9 million players have Graduated from Basic Training in Matchmaking.
  • Over 6.8 million players have earned the MVP Award in a Ranked Playlist.
  • Just over a quarter-million people have earned their Annual Achievement so far (what are you waiting for?! The ROAD TO RECON is open for all.  Get on it!).
  • A total of nearly 200 MILLION Achievements have been unlocked in Halo 3.
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