One Million Children Could Be Safer Thanks to New Education Program

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More than one million school children in California and across the U.S. will learn how to use cell phones and the Internet responsibly thanks to a new online game, titled "It’s Your Call," that launched today in the Los Angeles Unified School District at Sepulveda Middle School in North Hills, Calif. Web Wise Kids, WILL Interactive, Verizon and the ESA Foundation collaborated to develop the cutting-edge curriculum.

"It’s Your Call" is an interactive game that allows users to play out difficult situations in the safety of cyberspace before living them out in real life. It offers teens guidance about responsible cell phone behaviors and how to use the devices to enhance their personal safety. Players must make tough decisions and view the consequences of their actions.

"By partnering with Verizon, the ESA Foundation and WILL Interactive, we are equipping today’s youth with the knowledge to make wise choices with their cell phones," said Judi Westberg Warren, president of Web Wise Kids. "Our goal is to help create a safe, friendly cell phone and online experience for millions of young people. The result will be to provide important answers to questions young people have about the new frontiers in modern communications."

"It’s Your Call" will be available through the Web Wise Kids and WILL Interactive web sites. It also will be incorporated into Web Wide Kids training programs offered through local schools, law enforcement agencies and community organizations.

Web Wise Kids, a national non-profit organization, is the leading provider of computer-based, interactive simulation games based on real-life situations for educating young people and their parents on safe Internet practices. "It’s Your Call" was produced by WILL Interactive using its patented Virtual Experience Immersive learning Simulation (VEILS) technology. Development of game was funded by grants from Verizon and the ESA Foundation in addition to a financial contribution from WILL Interactive. The grants also will help fund distribution of the game to Web Wise Kids partners around the country.

More information about Web Wise Kids can be found at

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