Back up in the App Store? Hysteria Project Lost?

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It seems that there might be some problems in the Apple App Store review process. Perhaps there are more titles than they have reviewers or perhaps they’re simply swamped with work and conferences and holidays. But I’ve had Hysteria Project on my iPhone for some time now and I’ve been working through it for review. However, the review is embargoed until the game shows up on the App Store.

It seems that Hysteria Project, from Bulkypix, was submitted to the Apple App Store over a month ago and has yet to show up as available. When I asked Bulkypix what the hold up was Vincent Dondaine, CEO at Bulkypix, said that they weren’t sure. He also suggested that it could be due to the coming iPhone OS 3.0 release.

I’m skeptical. An update to the iPhone OS shouldn’t preclude the release of new titles for the App Store the way I see it. Many people, mostly those with Jailbroken iPhones (like myself), probably won’t be on the upgrade bandwagon right out of the gate. In fact Apple even warned some 3G people who used YellowSn0w to hold off on an update at present.

Sure they might be trying to ensure 100% compatibility with all titles already out but they should have been doing that all along.

Here’s what I think might really be the case...Hysteria Project is strange to them. If you’re not familiar with the game it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure title where you watch a short video clip, then make a decision which propels the story forward until you must make another decision. It’s quite interesting and I have been playing it off and on. But I can see where Apple might have some problems. They’re not exactly sure how to classify it perhaps - is it a game or interactive media (It’s a game guys...and interactive media to boot). Maybe they’re not sure how to rate it (cool and a bit scary would be my suggestion). Perhaps they simply just haven’t been able to get out of the duct tape and the shack without dying so they haven’t seen much of the game (get out as soon as you can and then run for the hills!).

Anyway, I’ve attempted to contact Apple, iTunes and an App Store rep, to no avail. So all of you folks who are out there waiting for the game to show up for purchase, will just have to hold tight I guess until Apple manages to do whatever it is that it has to do.

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