Netflix Will Not Come to the Nintendo Wii

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After reading several news sources recently about a Netflix survey showing up on the Wii, and seeing it for our own eyes. There has been a lot if speculation that Netflix was eyeing the Wii as another source of revenue, so we put a call into Netflix headquarters and waited for an answer.

Steve Swasey, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Netflix called me this morning. "There is nothing to the speculation of Netflix coming to the Nintendo Wii or any other console. We have a great deal with Microsoft on the Xbox 360. We have had over a million members use the service on the 360 and over a billion and a half minutes of movies watched" He continued by mentioning  that the survey, was just that, a survey. "We survey our ten million members all the time, whether it be price points, content, delivery or platform. There should not be anything read into the survey on the Wii."

When asked whether Netflix was looking to move to other consoles in the future, he replied "In the future Netflix desires to be on whatever screen you watch movies on.  For now, the game console is Xbox360."

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