New and Improved Combat System and Screenshots for Devil Summoner 2 (PS 2)

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According to an email from Atlus that we just received, the Combat System has been completely overhauled.

"What was once a slow-paced, experimental attempt at a real-time SMT game is now a refined, action-packed demonstration of how this kind of game should be done.  A new "dodge roll" maneuver allows you to deftly span the battleground, avoiding your enemies’ attacks and putting yourself in the right location to launch your retaliation.  You can now command two demons in battle, strategically exploiting their strengths in order to come out on top.

There will be more weapons to wield, each now with a unique special attack in the hands of Raidou.  More enemy types, about twice as many.  More attacks for the demons in your control, and the ability to activate multiple such abilities so that they are available in battle, meaning that demon fusion is vastly more complex and vital to your success.  More intelligent demons means your summoned pals can be set to repeat a certain attack, but they won’t bother repeating an effect spell until the current effect has worn off, thus saving time."

They also talked about demon negotiations. "Instead of wiping your foes out, talk to them, charm them, berate them.  In short, tell them what they want to hear -- which is an art in and of itself -- and maybe they’ll give you an item, or better yet, join your party and lend you their unique abilities in battle.  On top of all of that, the up to two demons you can bring into battles can assist you in your negotiations, using special tactics that can win over your potential new acquisition."

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon ships into retailers across North America on May 12th. In case you forgot, Atlus wants to remind you that each copy of the game you will receive cuddly, wuddly Raiho plushie. Their words not mine!

Check out the screens that were just released also.

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