Perfect World Launches ’Battle Song of the Elves’

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Perfect World Co announced today the launch of the new expansion pack, "Battle Song of the Elves," for "Perfect World II" a 3D fantasy MMORPG.

Perfect World II, which was launched by the Company in 2006, contains elements of traditional Chinese culture. Based on a Chinese classic, "Shan Hai Jing," a fabled geographical and cultural account of pre-Qin China as well as a collection of mythology, the game vividly reflects a magnificent fantasy world. The game has been well-received by many online game players because of its excellent graphic design and innovative game systems. The game has been successfully licensed to many overseas countries and regions.

In the expansion pack "Battle Song of the Elves," players will be ushered into the "World of Five Elements," where they will encounter the mysterious "Five Elements Elves." The elves are gifted with the power to harness the five elements and have different skill sets that can help players of different classes with their battles.

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