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A new online project – is being launched on 19.3.2009. It’s a multiplayer game among human players for real cash. You can buy a credit for your account to play with it. The credit you won can be cashed out. When you buy a credit, you’ll get a bonus in the amount of bought credit, up to 500€.

Our first game is 2D arcade multiplayer game based on open-source game Teewars. The main factor of success here is not luck or coincidence (e.g. like in poker), but player’s ability to control his character.

The main idea of the game is very simple – to beat as much opponents as possible. For every killed enemy you get points from his account, if you are killed by somebody, he gets points from yours.

At first you have to register. Then you need to download client and you can start playing. Registration process and installation is as simple as possible. Consequently you can buy a credit via PayPal.

You can choose from 3 different gameplay modes.
• Training mod – determined for improving your skills without influence to your account
• Deathmatch – for every killed opponent you get points, if you die, points are counted off your account
• Tournament – this mode is divided to various modes, depending on the amount of the points for every kill. The tournament starts, when sufficient number of players joins the game and it ends after the time limit or the number of kills for the tournament is reached. When the tournament is over, rewards are divided among the best players.

After the project starts, there is a tournament in 30 days. Reward for the first place will be 1000€ (est. 1300$). For more information please visit


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