GDC 09: Duke Nukem Trilogy is Being Developed By Frontline Studios

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The Trilogy is not being published or developed by 3D Realms. The game is being developed by Frontline Studios and will be published by Apogee Software, which 3d Realms recently revived. Frontline Studios has done several Duke games for cell phones.

The Duke Nukem Trilogy will consist of three games (obviously) released one at a time. The first is scheduled to be released in September 2009 on the Nintendo DS & the PSP handheld platforms. Each game has it’s own title, the first being "Critical Mass". Each title will have it’s own setting, from the future to World War II, etc. While the Trilogy ends with World War II, the first entry, Critical Mass, begins with Duke in the future. The second title, Chain Reaction, puts Duke in the present day. It’s not until the last game, Proving Grounds, that the action hero proves his worth in the Second Great War. Release dates for the second and third episodes are not available yet.

The game is being shown at GDC 09, we haven’t seen it yet but hope to give you a report before we leave.

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