Blade of Betrayal Released for iPhone / iTouch

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Blade of Betrayal is now available. Co-developed by Perfect Dork Studios and Conjured Realms, the title is a single player action game that focuses on high-tech swordplay. The player travels through different levels fighting enemies along the way. Each of the levels is tied together with a revenge storyline featuring comic-style retro graphics and a catchy rock electronica soundtrack.

In Blade of Betrayal, the protagonist, Spencer Corinth, seeks vengeance against those who killed his father. Through the adventure Spencer finds out that deception runs deep and justice must be served. The player uses touch activated screen buttons to move and attack. Each level has hidden and locked areas that can be entered only after finding the proper keys. This exploration with purpose rewards the player with upgrades to their health bar and weapons energy. The player will also be able to find four special weapons that will give them the edge against enemies large and small.

Blade of Betrayal features retro style gameplay, but with a modern control layout that allows some customization, including options for left-handed players. The high production value16-bit sprite graphics and fully illustrated story art separate it from other iPhone platformers.


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