GDC 09: NDOORS Announced WonderKing Closed Beta for later this Year

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WonderKing is scheduled for closed beta in the second quarter of 2009. This 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG takes players on a wildly adventurous journey with story-by-story quests, much like a fantasy novel. Players will travel from beautiful beaches to murky marshlands and frigid snowfields as they take on the mantle of WonderKing to save the world. Designed for gamers of all ages, WonderKing’s character advancement system allows players to grow into higher classes, each designed to suit different play styles.

“We are constantly thinking of new ways to improve the gaming experience for Alantica and Luminary enthusiasts and are looking forward to hearing what our fans think of the current updates,” said Peter Kang, CEO of NDOORS Interactive. “Our new title, WonderKing, will be an exciting addition to our library of MMORPGs, providing something gamers of all ages can enjoy.”

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